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Agrawal Stores
Client Name : M/s Agrawal Stores, Indore
Owners : Mr. Ashok Agrawal & Mr. Rajkumar Agrawal
Year of Completion : 2009
Total Area : 6,000 Sq. Ft.
About The Client :

Agrawal Stores is the leading apparel and fashion accessories stores in Indore since '39; selling wide varieties of branded clothes form newborn to adults. They have two highly modern multi-storyed stores, both of which have been designed by us.

Requirement :

They sell all the varieties of branded clothes and accessories and often need change in their display setting to reflect new climate, festivals and other occasions. They wanted their stores with easy to change display and excessive storage capacity, with effective lighting arrangements to render day-light effect, and above all customers comfort.

Design Concept :

We have used modern display channels (in S.S.) with different bracket fittings to facilitate any change requirement through many permutations and combinations for stacking and hanging garments. Lights have been placed in false ceiling to give a day light effect throughout the store. Customers' comfort and convenience is the prime aspect in over all designing process. Central air conditioning system (VRV) has been used for maximum comfort and high energy efficiency.

Facilities :  
    1. Ground Floor : Ladies Garments Section with Trial room, Toilet and Pantry.
Cash Counter, Billing and Delivery area
    2. First Floor : Kids Wear Section, Trial Room
    3. Second Floor : Mens Wear Section, Trial room
Billing area