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Pakiza Textiles Ltd
Client Name : M/s Pakiza Textiles Ltd.
Owners : Mr. Maqsood Gori & Mr. Iqbal Gori
Year of Completion : 2009
Total Area : 12,500 Sq. Ft.
About The Client :

Pakiza, is a chain of super stores in Indore. This is one of the fastest growing retail groups in the state of Madhya Pradesh, having three large stores in Indore and another in Ujjain. Started with drapery business, they sell each and everything today; including readymade, garments, footwear, fashion accessories, grocery and what not.

Requirement :

With ongoing expansion plans, the client wanted easy-to-change setup with maximum storage and display capacity. As innovations and expansions are always underway, economy and uniformity were the prime requirements.

Design Concept :

We have deployed traditional shelf system here with modern display fittings to showcase accessories. Uniform furniture was designed so that it could be shifted and reused without loss of value.

White is the best combination in retail sector where products are to be highlighted more than anything else. The theme of the stores is simple and elegant. False ceiling and columns have been decorated with white and off-white shades, some colours have been used with neutral backgrounds, though.

Cost effectiveness has been the prime focus of all designing aspects. Traditional 4’x4’ grid pattern tube-lights with reflector fittings have been used through out the store for uniform lighting effect. Air cooling has been dispersed with ceiling fans to achieve comfortable temperature and cost effectiveness both.

Facilities :  
Ground Floor First Floor
Saree Section, Ladies’ Wear Cash, Billing and Delivery
Men’s Wear Section Footwear Section
Second Floor Third Floor
Kids’ Wear Section, Trial Room Bags and Accessorise Section Grocery section