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Vastu Advice For The Interiors Of The Office

In the commercial places also, each portion of land is for specific purpose and violation of these rules result into problems in business, unsuccessful projects and less money.......

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Vastu Advice For The Interiors Of The House

The aim of Vaastu is to make us live in harmony with nature taking advantage of the magnetic fields, gravitational effects etc. of the earth, the rainfall.........

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Shri Rajkumarji Agrawal Shri Ashokji Agrawal



Shri Gajendraji Parikh Shri Shrikantji Parikh



I have the privilege and pleasure of knowing Mr. Anand Namjoshi for the past 25 years. Mr. Anand Namjoshi is synonymous for perfection and creativity in interior designing.

I passionately call him Si……………r who made our dream come true by transforming our house into a sweet home, a dream in woods and marbles.

For Namjoshi Sir, imagination is the absolute of power mind, clearest insight, amplitude of ideas, reasoning in the most exalted “mood to create the ultimate in interior designing from nothing”.

I, salute for his conflagration of ideas. He is a true gentleman with refined temperaments, amiable approach on traditional and contemporary creations. For him sky is the limit. I wish him all the best now and for years to come.

Dr. John M. Chacko
Chairman & Managing Director
Laurels School International Indore.




Shri Maqsoodji Gori


Shri Anand Namjoshi ji,

When we had a plan of making our Corporate office, we just had only one name in our mind Mr. Ananad Namjoshi , the man principal and is the legend of creation in his own class and style of working, who made our dreams come true. We are now operating from our corporate office which has become a symbol of his quality work and model set-up for one and others. The best of part of Mr. Namjoshi is that he understands the need and taste of customers very well and makes it within budget and the time frame and delivery a quality output.

He never compromises with quality of final product, he makes it point to pay frequents visits to the site and gets the work done under his able supervision and discusses his ideas and makes it happen with of full dedication and ownership. Finally it is vision and imagination which makes him different from others and exemplary.

Mr. Subhash Agrawal
M/s Pharma Traders, Indore

Mr. Subhash Agrawal
Shri Subhashji Agrawal




Anand Uncle is a name I know since I was 12 when my father was renovating our house in Bhopal and since then it has been a great pleasure and privilege to have been associated with him for a number of projects. World class finish and timeless designs is something that he delivers very naturally.

Today as I am enjoying my new office done up recently by him, I remain ever grateful to him for his kind guidance, affectionate treatment and encouragement. Words shall always be inadequate to express my sincere thanks.

Love and regards
Harish Moonchandani
Harish Moolchandani

Let me at the outset express my sincere thanks for the efforts that you have put in al our projects and have always delivered higher than expectations.
Congratulations to you for having attained a very successful position that you have achieved only through hard work perseverance and kindness.
My family and I pray for your continued happiness and success in your entire future endeavor.

With warm regards
Teja Singh Moolchandani
Mr. Teja Singh Moolchandani



Mr. Anand Namjoshi is like an elder brother to me; so warm in nature, versatile & lucid.
His professional richness is immense. His unshakable commitment to work & the flair of working to the details is remarkable

I wish him all the happiness & love.

M K Arora
Hotel Shreemaya, Indore
Mr. Rakesh Arora       Mr. Madanlalji Arora       Mr. Mukesh Arora
Shri Rakeshji Arora Shri Madanlal ji Arora Shri Mukeshji Arora



Shri Anand Namjoshi ji,

Sir, we take this opportunity to express our feelings knowing you is a pleasure, professionally as well as personally. A multifaceted professional with creative and technical solutions which is not only make the problem look easy but also enhance and make the arena aesthetically attractive. Our association with you since the year 1993, when you first designed Sudha Shree at Vikram Towers has created a bond between us and this successful relationship led us to further work on our new showroom at Race Course road. Also personally speaking, you have been a guide as well as a family advisor at the time of need.

We want you to that you are very precious to all of us and also and extremely special place in our hearts and life.

May God Bless You.

Mrs. Sudha Nalwaya
Sangram Singh Nalwaya
Sudha Shree Indore

Mrs. Sudha Nalwaya       Mr.Sangram Nalwaya
Shri Sudhaji Nalwaya Shri Sangram Singhji Nalwaya